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I think the game is really good! Keep up the awesome job!

Thanks so much!

i think the main issue with the latest update is the fact that enemies get all their stats upgraded (such as the 75% hp 25% speed and 25% attack upgrades). it makes trying to target one type of enemy harder. have you tried fighting hulks with +100% speed?! I like the idea, but once you're past wave [REDACTED] it becomes way too hard... maybe after you beat wave redacted you get a "super upgrade" that can maybe give a fourth level to weapons? i don't really know, i just think that if its going to get exponentially harder after wave [REDACTED] there should be something to make the player still viable. i really enjoy the game and this game has become my go to game when i'm bored. i hope the feedback helps, all i want is to see this game get better and better!

Hey yeah! Definitely helpful. I do think I need to dial back the enemy upgrades, though I am still going to try and get 'upgrades to multiple stats' to work. Also, for the full game, there would be some other big change (go to a new zone? unlock a new character?) after beating [redacted], so I'm trying to balance the game to where just being [redacted] is a satisfying challenge on its own. For now, the post [redacted] gameplay is just for the people who've really figured things out. Will definitely do a balance pass though, it's still too hard.

Maybe add a visual pool of how many mobs are there in the next round, and when you select the difficulty, add the mobs into the pool. the pool then disappear (maybe all the mobs animate out of the camera area) and get game started. Help player know what will they face next. XD

This is a really great idea, thanks for the suggestion!

I watched other streamer played your game and got an inspiration. How about you select the difficulty first, then select the level up and the higher difficulty you add, you can have stronger weapon.

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Awesome! I like the idea of the upgrades being tied to the difficulty level.

Do you have a link to the video?

yes! it's from bilibili, a china video share website. here is the link, I'm not sure whether you can click it. I copied the link and it showed in Chinese. Maybe try to click it:  【小游戏】用最简单的画面做出了最强游戏性?!极简风格塔防类幸存者《唯一的塔(The Only Tower)》游玩解说流程_哔哩哔哩bilibili

The player didn't comment on the game but only tried to play his best. The comment below the video are discussing the game design and mechanisms.

He cites your link on the bottom of the description of the video.

So cool! Thanks so much for sharing, it's really awesome to see someone from the other side of the world playing my game :D!

Thank you for your game! It's really cool XD!

btw, its from bilibili:【小游戏】用最简单的画面做出了最强游戏性?!极简风格塔防类幸存者《唯一的塔(The Only Tower)》游玩解说流程_哔哩哔哩bilibili, probably you'd like to find out some other comments

Still need some balancing, break through Wave 12 is really hard, but if really could get to about 30 waves even more is really fun, hope this game could go further.

Deleted 47 days ago

Really appreciate the feedback. Agree that things still need a lot of balancing, but trying to get to a good baseline challenge level where getting to the [redacted] wave and surviving is satisfying. Wanted to fix the scaling stuff by itself without disturbing any of the other elements to see what happens. I'm curious what new strategies might be required this way. Really helpful to know from players which ones are dominate, so that I can increase the others.

Thanks so much for the thoughtful feedback, and sorry that you're feeling frustrated!

👁👁👁 Be not afraid 👁👁👁

Got to essentially invincible loadout with freezing sprinkler, shotgun max range, and freezing grenade launcher. For the eye select "attract pickups when eye is at tower", extra drops upgrade, and higher pickup radius. Avoid picking boomers, choose some hulks at the beginning of the run so you can leave your tower and collect powerups when needed, you can kite those hulks away from the tower. Eventually I got to a point where nothing could get through, so I selected weirdos every time I could to max enemy drops (they have a lot of drops and they drop them close to your reach without charging all the way in). No need to dodge the Be Not Afraid boss, its damage doesnt seem to scale so just tank their hits. You eventually become invincible with this strat, I only died because I got bored and wanted to use my points.

ahh, i suppose with the new way that enemies increase all of their stats for leveling up, this run is much harder now.

Yeah, it's definitely a lot harder. Still dialing it in, would love to know what you think after you've had a chance to play a few times.

You have better to perform enough playtest before release new update. Enemy increase numbers & default enemy HP too higher to Enjoy this game in Ver.0.10.1b.  At least Ver.010.1b's content quality reduced than Ver.0.10. I know, Good games go all out for killing player after "Tutorial is Ended".

And, Bomb Object damage is bugged now.



How many languages do you speak?

zero, I'm illiterate

I like the theme / aesthetic, but the difficulty curve needs tuning. Depending on your RNG early levels can be impossible.

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   when i pick the enemies come slower i feel like they come faster is it a bug? anyone else get it?                                  i played the game and it  threw all the  enemies at  me   when i picked slower eneimes


could you make an upgrade system for the enemies and yourself like when you make yourself stronger you get less xp and when you make the enemies stronger you get more xp

I tried the bomb to kill the angel, but went for it too soon.


can you make boomers explode and leave an AoE of the effect they had on? it seems like it would be a pretty cool feature

like if they're on fire and they explode they leave a fire area for a short time

oo, this is a really interesting idea. I like that it synergizes with the other powerups. I'll definitely give it a shot!

From one game dev to another. How did you get your game on my itch page, what did you do to get your game popular.

Well I think I got a bunch of comments early on, and I tried to respond to everyone. I think that boosted my popularity. It was popular enough that it was at the top of roguelikes for a while, which also helped. This then turned into Wanderbots playing, and he's got hunders of thousands of followers, so that was obviously a huge boost.

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But what if my game has 100+ downloads but not a single comment?

Love the game! I was just curious about the "Eye is immune to fire" and "Eye is immune to ice." I originally thought they had to do with the appearance of element-attribute upgrades? I don't really know what they do though....

This really only does anything if you have the appropriate grenade launcher upgrades, as nothing else is capable of applying ice or fire to Eye.

Did anyone else pick up the nuke power-up and then just lose the game?

Ugh :( This is a bug. Really sorry about that! Will have an update out hopefully tonight to fix it.


could you make an upgrade tree, so I can see what the upgrades do? (also, I totally thought the nuke was intentional lol)

Lol same ngl.

Huh, interesting. Maybe I need to introduce mimics :)

W idea. That would be so annoying... 

I love it.

Also is it just me or is the sprinkler and rifle the same thing.

as long as they don't insta kill, only deal damage

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How did that bug sneak past anyways? Did no one ever actually test the nuke? Sounds like an interesting story at the least

Bug is still there

Yeah, thanks for the update. I've been stuck trying to solve the issue of new builds wiping old progress. Want to get that right before I update anything else. Hopefully will be fixed soon!

Will you release the game on Steam? Maybe EA for now?

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So I actually started a little collective of developers (Tiny Mass Games, who are attempting to release a batch of games every quarter this year. This was the game for q1. My plan is, after the year, I'll see which game(s) had the most interest, and then develop that further.

This game certainly seems to have gained some traction, much more than I was expecting, so it's a good contender for a more complete development cycle. Of course if a publisher comes along and says they'd like to fund this project, I would definitely do that.


Absolutely love it, the graphics are clean and very nice to look at, and the ambience is great :D (especially love the shotgun sfx lol, so much oomph)

It has great replayability, and the enhancements are funny while still being a goal to work towards of sorts :P

I do really enjoy the amount of strategy in this, both in picking upgrades for immediate use, and effectively investing in upgrade branches for later. The enemy buffing is also super interesting (the skull rating is so helpful) Also I like that the player is heavily encouraged to go and scavenge, it really adds to the tenseness of the gameplay! 

My only constructive criticism is that sometimes the upgrade orb things can spawn quite far from the tower, and often I don't even realise they're there as a result, even with all my 'running' around D: 

sidenote: can an eyeball even run???

Oh and the 'be not afraid' bit is honestly really cool, I really love the design of the 'unnameable beast' hehe, and the fact that you can't kill it, just evade, adds a fun and unusual challenge (usually resulting in me getting my butt kicked but hey what can you do :P)

In short: awesome game :D And thiiiiiis is a very long comment, oops :v

Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I really appreciate the thoughtful comment. Was a lovely way to start the day :)

Here's a hint, you don't dodge the beams, since they can't be damage boosted, you can always tank all the beams at full health


Truly the greatest game of all time, the key lies within the shotgun and thumper. Just get more RoF, maybe a rifle(I had it, pretty good with explosions) but try not to get boomers. Though I think I got too many blobs, the blobs were mainly my only problem because I was only picking increase enemy health by x%


> Truly the greatest game of all time

This is going into my pitch deck :) I'm so glad you liked it!

I sadly didn't get to use those points because I turned off my computer after, I didn't really know what they did until I went into the improvements section.

yeah this is really fun, no clue how to take out the boomers though

You just damage it a bunch

followup: the nuke cannot kill the [redacted]. the cycle cannot be broken. the holy [CEASE AND DESIST] presence burns all who gaze on it. it is immortal. you cannot win. H̶̭̪̹̔̽̿̾͆́̽E̵͎̓̀͘ͅL̶͇̾̆P̸̠̦̟̖̌̍̓́̑͘ ̷̢͈̉̔̄I̶̢͚̻̪͚̲̰͆͌̈̏͂̓ ̶̢͎͕̭͂̋Ċ̸̦̖͌̅̿Ǎ̸̠͚̞̣N̴̘̭̪̮̚'̸͉͈̫̖̇̈́T̷͔̟̔̅̄́̋̀ ̷̨̤͔͊̏L̶̢̊̚̚E̷̦̰̥͔̠̩͊͛̉͊̿͗̂A̸̟̠̜̐͒̂͑͒̽͘ the materialistic urge to build your fortress, to infinitely get stronger as you collect the [??#!#!$], to resist entropy and the [redacted] is pointless. all will be forgotten. all will be forgotten. heed my warning, and do not proceed. for the void will take my Ẃ̷̲̼̺͕Ï̵̮̞̲͊́̇͂͘L̴͓͒L̷̞̃̄͆̏̎͆̐ and consume it. leave me behind. Į̴͉̹͇̹̄̈͌̀̌͂ ̵̮̖̤̭͆̆̿̈́̇̿̃N̶̡̡̗̙͋Ê̵̮̬̞̭͙̗Ĕ̸̡̢̥̦̺̥̜̾D̸͚̭͎͈̞̀͑͂̍͐́̕ ̴̞̕T̸̨̟͈͔͗̆͋̃̓͜͜͝Ò̸͍̖̠͍̙̇ ̴͕̫̙̮̪͕̓R̸̬̊̈́E̷̬̱͖̬͓̘̠͆̽̄̇͌S̵̺̽͒̔̇̆Ȉ̴͍̳͌̈́S̴̥͍͖͍̈͒̚͜T̴̼̲̺̪͚̜̀͆̔̄̃̿͝ YOU ARE NOT DIFFERENT UNDER THE EYES OF [redacted]. ALL WILL BECOME [god's dog or dog's god?] UNDER HIM. Ḧ̴̙̣́̎̈́E̵͕̔̒̅'̴̭̙̭͂̇̉͝S̶̗͆̐̀͒̆͂ ̷̠͚̩̤̘̭͂̀̐͜C̶̡̨̘̈Ơ̸̡͚̮̥͘͘M̶̨̢̝̼̩͙̦̔̀͐̆̚͘͝I̸͎̹̬̍̈̀N̵̼̞̟̈́G̸̗͌̈́ ̶̛̰̝̲͎̇F̷̮̾̔̾̓͆O̶̢̟̣̥͙̲͊͠͝͝͝R̸̛͚̐̀͐͂̾͊ ̸̮̳̻͇̫̲̜͒̊͛̕M̵̨͍͆̽́̌Ę̸̧̼͎̖̮͛̃̌̀́͜͝͝ ̵͕̈́̽I̸̘̩̱͎͋̽͝ͅ ̴̜͓͉̩͙͖̄̃̋͛̋͒̌C̶̫̮̘̰͒̀̉̀̑Á̸̡̐̆͑̑N̷̦̅̄̽͂͝ͅ ̸͚̙̊̌̚͘S̸̭͍̯͒̊͝͝Ę̵̬̯̜̙̜̈́̆͑͆͒͠E̵͎̝͙̓̀̇ ̷͉̍͌̑̑̅̂͝T̷̼̥͚͎̱̘̏͒H̵͓̐͋͂͝Ȅ̶͉̥̅̎͛̆̔̓ ̸̨̡͙͈̦͓̇̀̍̋͆L̷̩̥͕̞̹̩̻̄̀Ḯ̸̱͍̜͚͂͜Ê̴͉̥̮̬̠̲͊͗̓̓͌̕S̴͕̙͓͉̊͆̐͒͠ ̶̹̻͎̔̈́̃̚ͅM̷̠͚͚̂͊͒͋͋̃͝Ę̸̘͇͎̩̙͙̈́̒L̴̙̂̆͘T̵̟̤̖̯̗͓̈́̄͐̍ LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE LEAV-

what was i saying? anyways, i'm almost done maxing out the improvements! now that i mention it, i don't completely know how or why i started doing it, though. but you should play too! it's pretty fun :>

Blesséd are the improvements.


Great Game! But nailbiting hard ^

Glad you're enjoying it

(1 edit) (+1)

this game is incredibly difficult and i love it.

edit: what are the improvements for? idk what they do but they're very funny

The improvements allow you to push buttons and see meters fill up. See if you can fill the void inside you!


"Be Not Afraid" Excuse me????? What else am I supposed to be, happy?!??!?!!?!? I am VERY afraid after what I saw!!!!!! >:(

Oh no... you didn't... you didn't look at it, did you? 


I'm afraid memory loss is one of the side effects. I'm so sorry.


and thumper...........

and the fire rate upgrade for the minigun.............

and the boomers............

You can reply to your own comment instead of making three seperate ones you boomer

Im a minor idiot.

"I'm a minor idiot" 🤓


oh and nuke sucks

ok i think that when the dev updates the game it resets all your data but idk if its just with me ooorrrrrrr.........

With the bombers ability to cause a chain reaction removed, you can't really snipe from far away and then walk over and get exp. That mostly leaves builds that turtle up and let all exp come to the tower as the most viable option, unless I'm missing something. 

When it comes to gameplay loops for different builds, what does the happy medium that you envision look like?

Yeah, it's a tough balance. I think the ideal case is that there is enough reward for leaving the tower, that you are willing to take the risk. The best moments for me are when you are pushing your luck to see if you can just get the treasure opened in time before getting back to defend the tower. Finding ways to encourage that type of player behavior (and discourage turtling) are high on my list of todos. 

I think a big part is just that you eventually just become invincible and staying at the tower is the winning move. Open to have suggestions if you have any!


i really liked this game! the grenade launcher and thumper definitely felt overpowered, though. 

how do i beat the boss? do i have to use the "powerup" that kills everything? 

i also found the parody of the metaprogression improvements hilarious. (yes, filling the void does make me happy)

First, the powerup isn't exactly the most helpful. Secondly, the grenade launcher and thumper are more late game items, as if you take them during the beginning you won't have enough consistent firepower. Also, the grenade launcher needs to be upgraded quite a bit and you also need to purchase some immunity before it stops being dead weight. And the thumper is quite helpful, but not exactly necessary

(1 edit)

Great game. No end yet eh? did a few loops. 
411 upgrades | 121 skull level | 38 waves

I even tried to nuke the final boss but didn't kill him.  Only tip for newcomers: An item spawns in the corner of each run. Find it before the first wave.


Im loving this and I havent even loaded into the play screen, UI is so clean


<3 Thanks!

could more pickup range upgrades be added? it gets kinda annoying to pick stuff up

I'll definitely consider it! FWIW, there are 2 pickup radius upgrades and 2 attract pickup upgrades right now. They are unlocked by other upgrades though (I admit this is currently super unclear!)

yeah, I wish it was explained a bit better (and do the meta progression things really do nothing?)

Well, I mean they are rectangles that get bigger, and once they get to a certain size, they unlock other embiggening rectangles. I'd hardly call that nothing.



But it becomes quite clear through playing the game, which is the best way to learn anyways


I totally agree with you. I struggle with finding the right balance. I love a good cryptic game where I'm forced to figure it out, but it's not for everyone. Glad you chimed in to remind me that we exist :)


Really fun game, I like the art style and the game play is very addictive. I am excited to where this goes and what upgrades get added as Development progresses  

Whoa! Thanks so much! Watching now!


strong Build: shotgun (angle upgrade), spark (freez), thumper (fire), gatling gun (x2 RoF), get attraction upgrades and give the enemy no bombers and only hp ups (i recomend for later to forgo blobs aswell, as shotgun prios weirdos and tankers, and bc they have a tendency to stay outside of shotgun range by simply multiplying at the egde)

btw bc of max gatling gun you basicly take no damage

things i noticed with this infinit build: 

Projectile weapons have longer range on lower frames (at least 2 times if not more), and have higher piercing (spark normaly has piercing, just not infinite, but with this bug it can go through infinite enemys)

The "x2 all enemys" card only aplies once (ether that or my weirds are weird) (i read in the patchnots that the overall scaling of damage, health and speed worked the same way at some point, so probably do the same with this)

let the shotgun target "closesed Target" and not "strongest Target", i didnt get shotgun for Hulks or weirds but for Blobs first and formost (or set blobs as the strongest for shotgun)

the blob multiplication is so anoying: why spawn 2 blobballs (distance not objects) further away from the gun, wenn you can spawn directly beside or at most half a blobball away (other fix would be to slow the multiplication of blobs down the longer the round goes (something like "after (30+5 (per prior wave)) sec stop producing blobballs")

the infinit scaling enemy cards (health, speed, damage) should get a "and 25% of the other 2" for at least the higher levels, as scaling health with this build lets you tank a blob for 15 sec strait while you pickup anything, as long as you dont have the tower active (i mean if you did, the blob couldnt hurt you), as well as let you tank the angel (more heal then dps)

though it is a fun game


Wow! Really really appreciate such thorough feedback. I'll change the shotgun targetting, you're definitely right that it should target closest. Only rifle and laser should prioritize anything but proximity.

I also really like the idea of enemy powerups adjust some additional % of other enemy stats. Will definitely implement this.



I genuinely hate you in a polite way for adding the nuke "power up" that killed me in the second last wave




Thanks for the game! I have almost filled the void. Well, one of them, anyway.

Feels like it needs more upgrades at the start, and less later on - took me a dozen runs to beat the boss, and on that try I lasted through another half-dozen or so wave sets before I added boomers and was blown away.

You're so welcome! I agree about the overall difficulty ramp isn't quite right just yet, though if an experienced player made halfway through the second loop, that might be sort of close? Anyway, thanks for the thoughtful feedback!

By wave sets I mean I passed the boss again - full cycles. Though thinking about the boss specifically it might have been more like another three times?

super fun little game! it doesn't have a massive selection of stuff like some other games, but it's definitely still quite fun to play!!


Thanks so much! Really glad you enjoyed it. If there was anything you'd like to see with more variety/bigger selection, what would it be?

i think maybe another option like freezing/burning would be a good option (though i don't know what that could be). i also noticed that rerolling the buffs for enemies (like the increase in speed, health, and damage) never changed anything since there were only 3 options. hope that helped!!

yeah, more types of enemies and creative ways to buff them would be fun.

A lot of roguelike bullet heaven games like this have sort of drone/constructor builds and/or weapons, like the weirdo has. I think that would be fun to add. Then the enemies could have something else to target other than you.

Maybe they could fight and swarm enemies. They could either bash into/shoot enemies and do a lot of damage, or be a distraction, moving quickly around the enemies to take pressure off of you.

You could go a different
direction and they could be a support, an alternative to gems getting sucked towards you. They could go out and grab gems and bring them towards either you or the tower.

So many different ways to take them, that's why I love them.


could we get a downloadable version of the demo please?

I can't turn on hardware acceleration for the browser or it crashes at random


Yes! Will try to get one uploaded later today.


thank you for the quick response on this issue!


You're very welcome!


ok, windows build uploaded. I only did the quickest of tests on it, so if you run into any issues, please let me know!


Is there a way to close the settings menu? I cant seem to get back to the title screen once I open it

ESC works, though it also drops me out of full-screen. It would be good if that and ENTER to select being on the instructions.

Yeah, escape is supposed to work, but if you're in webgl fullscreen, that sorta 'eats' the button event and takes you out of fullscreen, which feels broken. I'm gonna add in a dedicated onscreen button today.

Thanks for helping out in the comments!

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